Bringing you exciting images,

one click at a time.

Being able to photograph the world as I see it and how it comes to me is a reward I will always cherish. 

I have a motto that is simply Go the extra mile as you never know what is around the corner. That comes with years of experience travelling the planet and pushing myself to far flung places. I’ve lost track of the times I have wondered what is around that corner and taken a peak to find the most amazing sight.

All images are available as prints, please enquire via email or telephone for sizes and prices.

All prints are high quality Glicee ink on 225 g/m2 100% cotton paper.

I am also available to hire as a photographer, from model to property shoots.

Based in South of England but available to travel anywhere in the world. Travel is as much of a passion as photography.

Please feel free to contact me for availability , always open to a friendly conversation and new ideas.

A lot of people ask me "What is light Painting"?

Well basically, Light painting is a photographic technique where light is “painted” or “drawn” into the photograph using a hand held light source during a long exposure.

Barnaby Edgley